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I am inspired by the work of Kiss Goodbye to MS and I want to do something to make a difference!

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic and often debilitating disease which attacks the central nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves).

It is the most common neurological disease in young adults and often attacks people at a time in their lives when they are planning families and building a career.

Three out of four people living with MS are women.

Your donation will support life-changing research into the prevention, treatment and finding a cure for multiple sclerosis.

Thank you!

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Together from afar

Tuesday 16th Apr
My sisi and I are doing this "together from afar"
She is on the sunny coast,  queensland and I'm in Gippsland Victoria.

This is our 2nd challenge doing it together. Means alot to us both as does fundraising for these really important causes.