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By Keturah Henriquez


Hi Beautiful friends and family! 

As many of you know, on November 27th, 2023, I heard three words that would change my life forever, 'You have MS!' The most common question I get is, how did you know to even get checked out? Well, three years ago I suffered a bout of Optic Neuritis, (inflammation of the optic nerve) I didn’t realise this could return and that if it did return your chances of going on to be diagnosed with MS were extremely high. So almost three years to the day, after being cleared of MS, I was told I did in fact have MS. 

So after hearing this news, and connecting with several other MS'ers, I thought about what I could do to make a difference to help raise awareness for this disease. Given MS already has a 50K in May challenge, I thought I'd try to do this in a day. Given my treatment would only be complete just prior to May I decided to sign up under the 'Kiss Goodbye to MS' fundraiser page to give myself more time to fundraise and to recover post treatment.

I will be completing my run on the 11th of August, and already have several friends set to join me for parts of the run. Hoping to conquer this run in under 6hrs. 

My hope is that by raising awareness and money, this will go towards hopefully finding a cure!

Thank you in advance for your support! Xx

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Treatment Complete

Tuesday 30th Apr
I've now completed two rounds of my Mavenclad treatment and had very little symptoms on the second round. First round was a little tiring, but I am so glad that is all done! Blood test will be done at the end of May to check my white blood cell count and then an MRI will be done later in the year with hopefully no further lesions to be seen! 
Time to start hitting the pavement to prepare for my 50kms in a day! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! You're all the absolute best! Xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bronwyn Erasmus

A deal is a deal :-) We are so happy to have you guys in our lives. You are an inspiration to everyone and we are with you as you kick MS butt


Luis Henriquez

Kiss kiss xoxox


Emma Hill-lewis


Kate Morgan


Treen Patterson

I think you’re simply amazing! Always here for you xoxo


Lisa Shield-dettori

We are so happy to support you in anyway we can! X



You’re going to crush this little buddy xxx


Lindsay Gunthorpe


Sarah Goetze


Carl Sillett


Linda Kennedy


Fiona Dent

You’re amazing!


Lorna Macdonald

You got this! Look forward to cheering you on.


Renae Hart

Love you Chew x


Mercedes Monteleone


Jessica Baker


Renae Hart


Kirsten Wilson


Judy Scott


Heather Tidswell


Kelly Mothershaw


Stella Frazis


The Browns

You got this! X


Petri Austin


Raquel Azar


Aspen Medical


Kimberly Richter


Nicole Felsch

Your strength and determination are truly inspiring Keturah. You've got this! X


Christie Jenkins


Lucy Burnell


Elizabeth Munro


Sara Humphries


Kathryn Von Frankenberg

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